Morning Mist Over Trees

It was dark. Very dark. To diffuse the disquiet of the darkness was what the lampposts tried, but they only stained the surroundings with harsh glows that hurt if you stare too long. So I chose to absorb the blackness instead with all its unglimpsed beauty, and it delighted me. Somewhat.


But then as the sun rises and the dark sky lightens; as daylight casts away fog; as a pair of hands tears apart the black curtain hanging over the landscape... Giddy colours behind the scenes all along come bursting forth. Colours spill everywhere! Joyfully does the green run for hours on end: from the mown grass of the lawn to the lush foliage of the trees. Gently does the sky blend the lightest blue and yellow, releasing them like a soft secret. Suddenly the sharp brightness of the lamppost becomes muted. I soak in the lavishness of nature’s tinkling with the landscape. For a magical spell has been cast, transforming the dull, monochromatic blackness into vivid rainbow hues, and henceforth we go in delight, delight, delight.



hello! :) I'm Terese (pronounced Ter-rass). (I know, it's strange. English-speakers pronounce it as Ter-reease and French-speakers do Teh-rass. Mine is a strange hash of both.) My pronouns are she/her. I'm twenty-one, majoring in environmental science and public policy at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

I find reading and writing, this outlet of self-expression, particularly liberating. Words have a way of connecting people across the globe, even if you've never met them. Within the lines of long, rambly texts, you can hear the writer whisper: I feel you, I understand too. 

Here I also write stories - I love descriptive writing! - and occasionally share my thoughts about Singapore's current works in progress on the environment. I hope to progress to discussing work around the globe as well.


I hope my writing resonates with the earth-loving spirit inborn in you, empower more to pick up a pen and above all, inspire people to dream, dream and dream again. 

I'll also love to hear your thoughts, because I believe everyone is an expert about something.  

feel free to hit the contact button or comment below!! :-)

staring into sea.jpg

i wish for a world

where all countries freely help each other

where we don't have to pollute to live

where we are satisfied with less.

Beautiful Nature

Nature Writing


a chill writing jam group by
Kanksha (she/they) and me (Terese - she/her)

good words speak a thousand pictures :-)

Objectives of the Nature Writing Telegram chat

1. Cultivate deeper appreciation for nature, through language

2. Make the environmental movement more inclusive through recognising the diversity of ideas and lived experiences

3. Strengthen language ability through mutual appreciation for the nuances and diversity in language

4. Introduce key debates within the environmental scene, learn to articulate one's own opinions more fluently

5. Kickstart conversations, challenge personal biases and assumptions

6. Trigger consumer behaviour change, lifestyle changes, finding one’s voice in advocacy :)

Enjoying Nature
Green Water

and then she saw, the golden shafts of sunlight splitting open clouds and bursting through the forest canopy, warming everything in its path, throwing the rhythm of butterflies and birds off-kilter... and then she wiped her tears and laughed, because she knew that life would be good again.

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